And then One Day

Looking up through pine trees to blue sky.

I’ve entered a new phase of my awakening. And, yes, I’ve said that a few times this year, but that’s how fast my spiritual path is moving. I call this phase “integration and alignment”. The “integration” portion has been in progress for the past couple of months and feels so good to find deeper connection with our inner spirit. The alignment portion is new, and I’m loving it. I’m learning that alignment means truly loving my life.

We follow our spiritual paths and continue our commitment to our awakening paths, and we do the work. Sometimes we flow and sometimes we grind it out. Some phases can be excruciating and most of it is chaotic and confusing in the moment. Some phases are emotional rollercoasters as we work through our shit, our shadow. Most of the time we’re not sure if we’re even doing it “right”. It’s a fool’s journey as told by tarot. But as with all things it shifts and changes, grows and evolves.

And then one day, we realize that we are beginning to feel into our lives. We’ve done a lot of work. We have more inner strength and emotional resilience. Our thought processes have shifted, they’re now helping us and loving us. We lift ourselves up a little easier. We have a smile at the ready.

And then one day, we find ourselves having more “good” days than “bad”. Something reminds us of how far we’ve come. We’re guided to acknowledgment and encouragement of ourselves. We get to look back, just a little, to compare and contrast, but we no longer live there. We can see how we’ve changed, and we like it. 

And then one day, we gain a deeper understanding of how much we’ve changed. We begin seeing signs of a deeper connection with our heart and soul. We receive guidance and begin living more from our heart and soul. We follow that guidance and magic happens.

And then one day, we notice our inner conversation is loving and is more like our highest self. We are fully living from our heart and soul. And, in the moments we forget, we redirect ourselves gently and with love.

And then one day, we realize that we love ourselves. The pain, trauma, and shadow that had been blocking us have dissolved. We think of ourselves and treat ourselves with love. We feel love more fully than ever. Joy and bliss are available to us, and we swim in them for as long as we can.

And then one day, we realize that we love our life. We have worked so hard for this. We have endured countless hours of shadow work. We freaked out ourselves and our loved ones with our changes, tears, emotional highs and lows of the work and the awakening.

And then one day, we realized that we’ve changed our lives to follow this path. We sacrificed the aspects of our lives that didn’t work for this path, and it was WORTH IT. ALL OF IT. Our spiritual path, our awakening, was excruciating and beautiful and worth it!

We know it’s worth it because this feeling right now, in this moment, all this joy, all this love that we feel for ourselves and for our life, is worth it.

I’m grateful you’re here.

I love you, be well.