A Mindset of Self-Care

I have to confess I haven’t always been good at self-care. A few years ago, I didn’t understand what it meant let alone know what my self-care needs were. I didn't have a self-care mindset. 

I used to “treat” myself at the end of a very long week with some shopping. Sometimes I would “treat” myself to a pedicure. At the time It was as though self-care was reward for working my ass off. That it had to be earned. That it was optional.

Since then, I’ve been exploring self-care and what it means to me. I’ve tried everything and anything that sounded remotely interesting, inspirational, restful and enriching. It was a blast.

I’ve read books, started journaling, added inspiration to my social media feeds, dumped negativity from my social media feeds, learned a little astrology, got a natal chart reading, took two mindfulness classes, and started a meditation practice.

When I ran out of ideas, I thought about what I liked to do when I was a kid. The first thing I remembered was taking morning walks by myself. Painting, drawing and writing were also a large part of my life when I was young. I’ve started to add those creative activities back into my life. And I’ve started walking in the mornings again.

I’ve also learned that setting boundaries in my relationships is self-care. Speaking up for myself is self-care. Living my values consistently is self-care.

And I’ve learned that self-care isn’t a “treat” at the end of a long week. Self-care doesn’t have to be earned. It’s care for our bodies, our mental health and our whole self.

So now, I have a mindset of self-care. A mindset that supports my need for self-care. One that helps me prioritize my self-care, prioritizes me.

My mindset of self-care:

Self-care are the activities and ways of being that enrich, protect and fulfil you.

Self-care can be scheduled to fit in your busy life.

Self-care is not optional.

Self-care makes you more “you”.

Self-care is the fuel to your being.


What is your mindset of self-care?

Be well,