A Leap of Faith

Two representations of the Fool card from tarot, which symbolizes a leap of faith, new cycle, or a new journey.

What do I do now?

I did it. I took a leap of faith and am now taking clients who seek spiritual consultation. On Friday, I announced that I was opening spiritual consulting services. (If you missed the announcement, I will link it here.) After being redirected away from consulting last year, I am now ready. So, what do I do now?

The last time I announced a new consulting business. It felt…scary. I was nervous and doubting my ability to serve my clients well. I was in my head and overthinking everything. My energy was not supportive of success. In hindsight, I wasn’t being guided to it so I was guided away from it.

Now, my energy, my entire being feels joy for this new leap of faith. My thoughts are positive, and my energy is balanced. I know that to be successful, self-care comes first. I know that to serve others in the most effective and connected way, I must ensure that my energy needs are taken care of first. Above all, I’m being guided to spiritual consulting. It is in alignment with my Divine path and soul purpose.

Running a business is easy for me, I’ve done it before. Check. I’ve worked with clients before and I know how to connect with people where they are on their path. Check. I know how to update my website and work with social media. Check. I have confidence in all aspects of running a business, but I do have one question. What energies will come through me?

Will I receive downloads while with clients? Will I receive guidance from Spirit in for clients? Will mediumship occur with clients? Will it be for clients? Will I be guided to pull tarot? Will I receive intuitive guidance destined for clients? At this point in my life, and on my spiritual path, anything is possible. And I mean that in the most optimistic way.

For as confident as I feel with most aspects of my new venture, there are some aspects that are still a mystery. It will unfold as it unfolds. I release all attachments to the outcomes. I set no expectations. I am going with the flow, and I simply breathe. I relax into the flow.

Even more than going with the flow, I am surrendering to my Divine mission, and soul purpose. I am open to receiving whatever comes for me. That is my intention.

I am choosing to trust that what is meant for me will find me. I know that when I follow my intuition and guidance, I am more aligned to my soul purpose. And when aligned, I am a powerful being that can manifest anything. And I will remind myself of this every time I need to.

I’ve taken a leap of faith. In tarot it’s represented by the Fool card, number 0. It is the beginning of a journey. I am beginning an entirely new phase of life, and I am choosing to trust Spirit and my intuition to guide me forward.

I Invite you to Take a Leap with Me.

If you are ready to take a leap of faith with me, let’s connect. Here is a link to my Spiritual Consulting Services page. 

Today’s image is mine. It is an image of the Fool card from two different tarot decks. The card on the left is from the Tarot of the Cosmic Seed. In this deck the card is called “The Wanderer”. The card on the right is from a pocket-sized Ryder Waite Smith deck. I used this same image in January to announce the closing of the old consulting practice. Now I’m ready for a new leap of faith, and the beginning of a new journey.

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,