When you look back at 2020, don't judge yourself.
You did the best you could.

2020 and all its weirdness means we may need to find a new way to measure our progress this year. In the past our goals were easily measured, and we knew what we wanted to accomplish. This year, goals that we had at the beginning of the year were likely disrupted or changed by the pandemic.

And, with that in mind, I want to remind you not to judge yourself for things that are out of your control.

So, please don’t judge yourself for how you got through 2020. None of us knew how to do this. We were all finding our way through some uncertain situations and the loss of our ‘normal’ lives.

When you do look back at 2020, again don’t judge but consider other perspectives. I believe the challenges were meant to be lessons and if we approach it as a year of learning it will be easier to accept how we made it through.

So, I’m repeating it again, don’t judge yourself on what 2020 looked like for you. I’m asking you to look back on 2020 for what you, experienced, learned, changed or how you grew/developed.

A few weeks ago, on Instagram, I posted a few thoughts and journaling prompts to start the process of looking back on 2020. The post asked you to consider ‘what have you experienced, learned, changed, developed’. With that in mind, here are a few tips:

  • Don’t judge yourself. You did the best you could with what you had. We all did.
  • Accept what is. It doesn’t help to fight or struggle against the situation, just accept what it. It may not be what or how we want it to be but don’t fight it, don’t struggle. Accept what is, approach it with curiosity and take action to adjust what you need to.
  • Focus on what you experienced. These are extraordinary times, and some day we will want to remember it.
  • Focus on what you learned. What you learned in 2020 will likely serve you moving forward.
  • Focus on what you changed. Some of this will carry over and serve you in the future.
  • Focus on what you developed such as skills, resilience, compassion. You are stronger for it and it will serve you.
  • Focus on what you want to leave behind such as people, places, things, or behaviors that no longer serve you. Again, this will likely serve you in the future.

So much of 2020 was weird, new, uncertain, unexpected and challenging. Which reminds me of something I heard recently. Some spiritual traditions believe that awakening only comes after great suffering.

With all the suffering that 2020 has brought, I can only imagine the awakening that is coming.

Love you, be well