The U.S. is Chaotic, and it Won't Last Forever. Here's Why.

Yes, the United States of America is experiencing a time of chaos, and it will not last forever. Currently the U.S. is experiencing, a very strong astrological return. And with it comes both challenges and opportunities.

The Astrology.

Astrology applies to everything, even countries. All countries have an astrological natal chart from the time that they were “born”, meaning established, even the United States. See the chart here.

The United States’ natal chart shows that it is experiencing it’s Pluto return. Without getting too technical, a return in astrology is when a planet completes an orbit and returns to where it is in the natal chart. Pluto’s cycle, its orbit, is 248 years. It is long and slow. The energy of this return can be felt for several years.

The U.S. isn’t the first country to have a Pluto return. The Roman Empire experienced two and the British Empire has experienced three. Studying those, see this article, we know that returns can initiate new eras for the country.

Returns like the one the U.S. is experiencing, mark the closing of one cycle and the beginning of another. The shift in cycles means many changes, disruptions, and opportunities as the new cycle begins. Old energy is brought to the fore, expressed, and then released. Then new energy comes in to start a new cycle.


The Impact.

That’s what we’re experiencing now. That is why themes of treatment of women, our history of racism, growing fascism, and how we treat labor, are coming to the fore. When these topics come into our awareness we can then begin to talk openly, consider new perspectives, heal, and move into new energy.

Doing the inner work, the shadow work, is challenging and disruptive. We can become reactive and emotional as we revisit the wounds and trauma that need healing. We are bringing it up to review it and find new perspectives, new solutions, new energy. We’re doing the work.

This time it’s not just us doing our own inner work, it’s our country. The U.S. is having a Pluto return and it’s bringing up all sorts of shadow issues that are ready for work. And because Pluto is slow, these challenges began years ago and will continue for a few more years, but they won’t last forever.


Coming Out the Other Side.

On the other side of all the chaos is new understanding which then allows us to grow and move forward in new energy. We will heal as a country. We will move past the chaos. We will evolve and move into better version of ourselves.

Growth takes time, and because Pluto is so far away the energy moves slowly. Pluto returns can take 10 or more years. This chaos isn’t going to vanish overnight. This energy will be around for a while.

With that in mind, take care of yourself. It’s healthy to step away from the chaos to take care of our own needs. By taking care of ourselves, we are adding to overall health of our country, and the collective, and that certainly helps with a challenging astrological return.

In time this will pass. In 2022, the return “perfects”, and we will be at the peak of the return. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the chaos will get worse, it just means that we are moving through the energy.

We will move on from this phase of our country’s development. We will emerge from this current chaos better than we were before. We will learn from past mistakes and grow from them. We will become a better country for having survived our Pluto return.

Be well,


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