Quiet Inner Noise and Get Ready for the New Year

We have almost made it through one of the most challenging years in our lifetimes. Almost, there is a little time left in 2020 so let's use it wisely. It’s time to purge what isn’t working for us anymore and get ready for a new year.

One thing to purge, or at least quiet, is your inner noise.

What is inner noise?

It’s your inner critic, self-judgement, and intrusive negative thoughts. Inner noise is normal and won’t entirely disappear, which is why the goal is to simply quiet it.

Why do the work of quieting your inner noise?

Firstly, you are worth having less negative inner noise and having more inner peace.

Secondly, that noise is taking up space and energy that could be spent on more positive thoughts and more inner peace.  

Just think of what would be possible with less self-judgement and fewer negative thoughts. More inner peace and confidence to do what you want. It may even be challenging to think of what it possible because your inner negative thoughts block thoughts of what is possible for you.

There are a few things you can do right now to quiet that inner noise.

Below I share types of inner noise and how to deal with them.

Inner Critic – the little, but sometimes very loud and obnoxious, inner voice that criticizes you constantly.  

               Notice it – become aware of what it’s saying to you and what triggers it

               Name it – name your inner critic, you may already have named it

               Knock it out – talk back to it, tell it off or bypass it entirely, repeat as necessary

Self-judgement – your inner voice that judges everything that you do

               Notice it – become aware of how you’re judging yourself and what triggers your self-judgement

               Flip the script – flip the language from judgement to acceptance, write down the new language, have it ready for the next time it comes up

               Repeat – repeat the new language when you notice the self-judgement reoccurring

Intrusive negative thoughts

               Notice it – become aware of the negative thoughts when they occur and what triggers them

               Name it – name the negative thoughts what they are, negative thoughts

               Knock them out – confront the thoughts and let them go, repeat as often as necessary

Negative inner noise won’t magically disappear, but you can quiet it with practice. While you’re working through your inner noise, give yourself grace. These are likely thought patterns that have been with you a long time. It will take time to unlearn and re-condition your new thoughts.

And as always with self-development, give yourself grace and forgiveness.  

Start doing the work of quieting it now and you’ll start 2021 stronger than ever!  

Love you 

Be well