Our Energy is Everything.
How to Shift and Protect it.

Our Energy is Everything.

When our energy is calm and peaceful that’s what we attract. When our energy is anxious and unsure that’s what we attract. We are constantly attracting the energy that we are being. Meaning what comes to us is a reflection of our energy.

Have you ever gone into a situation believing it wasn’t going to work out and then it didn’t? It didn’t work out because your energy going in said “it wasn’t going to work out”.

Have you ever gone into a situation being excited and looking forward to it? Then you had a great time, enjoyed the interaction, and felt good afterwards.

Or, have your ever been in a situation not of your own making that you vowed to yourself to make the best of? Then, when you came out of it you learned great lessons that enriched your life.

In each situation it was likely our energy going in that determined our experience and how we felt about it afterwards. Whether we were assuming the worst, or open to the best and looking forward to the experience whatever it brought, it was a reflection of our energy. 

All that said, it doesn’t mean that we are attracting everything that comes to us. Sometimes things just happen, like cancer and other life altering events. The way we react to such events is our energy.  


Shifting our Energy.

Life is challenging and we won’t always show up with ideal energy. Sometimes we are exhausted, triggered, and grouchy. That’s okay, it’s not worth beating ourselves up about it, which would also create more unhelpful energy. 

Sometimes bringing awareness to our energy is enough to create a small shift into a better, more helpful energy. We can stop, take a deep breath, and be more conscious of our energy to create that small shift. 

Sometimes, it takes more self-care to adjust and shift our energy. More sleep, more vegetables, working on a creative project, taking ourselves out of a situation, spending time with loved ones, moving our bodies, all are ways we can shift our energy.

We each have our own ways of shifting our energies. The trick is to recognize what we need and then implement it when we are aware that we need it. Which then ensures our energy is proactive and not reactive. And in that way, we can take ownership of our own energy.


Protecting our Energy.

Because it is everything, our energy is worth protecting and worth our efforts to improve. Whether it’s better self-care or more boundaries, it’s worth our time and energy.

Below are some questions to help us focus on protecting our energy.

  • How is this situation serving me and my energy?
  • Is this situation feeding my mind, body, soul in a healthy way?
  • Do I need to continue being in this situation or can I set a boundary?
  •  What can I do to shift my energy in a healthy way for my mind, body, soul?
  • What would serve me better?

Answers to these questions can help us focus on what serves us, our energy, and where we can place boundaries to shift and adjust our energy. And we are so worth it!


My Cancer Journey Update.

I am continuing to heal. My skin in the radiation field is worse in some parts and better in other parts, still like a lava lamp, but overall, it’s healing. I'm healing. 

Yesterday morning, the air was clear and cool. I was able to get outside to run a couple of errands (more bandages and calendula cream). It felt good to get outside and move my body. Stirring up my energy, and moving body, was exactly what I need to shift my energy.

After shifting my energy yesterday, I woke up today with more inspiration and ideas. My notepad is nearby to help me reign in all that creative energy. It feels so good!  

I’m still processing all of the changes related to my cancer journey, but I feel much stronger and closer to my life purpose. When I get to a point where I can talk/write about it, I will. But for now, it feels like peace, calm, and being on purpose.

I had no idea that I could experience cancer and walk away feeling stronger, emotionally and mentally if not physically, but I have and I’m grateful.

It’s amazing what we can do when our energy aligns with what serves us.

I hope you are well, dear reader. The world seems so unsettled now, but I think that’s because we are finding our way towards a better way of being as a collective and as individuals. I have hope for the future.

The picture I used today is one I took yesterday while I was running errands. The sky hadn’t been that blue in weeks as poor air quality has dominated our weather lately. I was grateful to experience it and soak it in a little.

Be well,