I See You

To parents managing your children’s school and managing your own careers, I see you.

To single parents doing all of it by yourself, I see you.

To educators that are learning new ways to teach, risking your health, paying for school supplies, all while underpaid, I see you.

To healthcare professionals and care givers working long hours, sometimes risking your own health to care for and heal others, I see you.

To people with health conditions, protecting yourself, working from home, staying at home and isolating, I see you.

To people with mental health issues struggling, managing, and thriving, I see you.  

To the unemployed and underemployed looking for jobs, learning new skills and interviewing during a pandemic, I see you.

To everyone starting businesses with optimism and hope, I see you.

To business owners trying to hold on to what you have built, I see you.

To everyone working on their professional development, personal development and spiritual growth, I see you.

To spiritual leaders supporting and loving as many people as you can, I see you.

To creative people continuing to create beautiful, thoughtful art, I see you.

To immigrants working and living in America, I see you.

To everyone fighting for social justice, fighting against racism and antisemitism, making good trouble, I see you.

To journalists fighting downsizing, risking your lives and health to share the truth, I see you.

To legal professionals fighting corruption, foreign adversaries and domestic threats, I see you.

To law enforcement officers protecting and serving everyone, I see you.   

To firefighters working in the forests fighting wildfires and in the cities fighting structure fires, I see you.  

To farmers growing and raising food to feed us, I see you.

To grocery store and restaurant workers risking your health to feed us, I see you.

To everyone who wears a mask, I see you.

To everyone who has voted or will vote, I see you.

To everyone struggling, getting by, surviving, doing your best and thriving, I see you.

I see you.