How Are You Showing Up Today?

How Are You Showing Up Today?

Is it another manic Monday or are prepped and ready for anything?

Are you being fully present or just checking the boxes?

How you’re showing up can impact everyone and everything in your life. It’s the energy you bring to your day. It’s the energy you bring with you to every meeting. It’s the energy that the people around you will see, feel and react to.

If you’re wrapped up in unsettled, frenetic energy, people will feel it and react accordingly. It may cause people to overreact to you or avoid you altogether.

Frenetic energy is hard to focus. It’s anxious and all over the place. Getting things done will take more time and more energy. This is probably not how you want to show up.

If you’re prepped and ready to go, people will feel that energy as well. People will have confidence in you and feel that you have it handled.

When you’re prepped and ready to go, your energy is focused. You move through your busy day with ease. It’s easier to go from task to task. This is the energy of flow.  

Check in with yourself and be aware of your approach to the day. Be intentional about how you are showing up.

Not showing up how you want to? No worries, it’s not too late to show up!

Take a moment to reset. Take a few deep breaths, take a walk to center yourself, prioritize your tasks and time, create a to-do list, consult an inner ally, or touch base with your external allies.

Now, set your intention for how you want to show up.  Being intentional about how you’re showing up, will serve you because you are choosing your experience and, by extension, the experience of those who interact with you. 

Do what it takes to show up in the way you want to. Your energy is a precious resource. You are worth attending to it showing up intentionally.

Be well!