Do You Feel Stuck?
8 Ways to Move You Forward

Wanting change but not sure what to do next?

I can relate, last year I felt stuck in my career and in my life. I had no idea what I wanted to do next. I just knew that I needed a change.

But because I wasn’t feeling like myself and didn’t trust myself, I was terrified of making a wrong move. So, I didn’t do anything which made me feel even more stuck. Ugh!

That stuck feeling comes from knowing we want change but not knowing how to move forward. We feel stuck between the desire and action.

I eventually found my way through the ‘stuckness’. And since I have found my purpose and have a new career that is aligned with my values. And, the best part is, I’m not stuck anymore. WHEW! YAY!

Here is some of what I learned on my journey from being stuck to being in my flow.  

1 - The 'stuckness' is real but it is not permanent. It won’t always feel this way. Take a deep breath and focus your energy on getting unstuck.

2 - Make yourself the project. You, getting unstuck, is your new project. You aren’t going to get unstuck by accident. Focus all your resources on getting unstuck. Be committed to your new project, you are worth it.

3 - Get comfortable with change. You won’t get unstuck by doing everything the same way you’ve been doing it. You’re going to have start changing things.

4 - Quiet the inner noise. That inner critic isn’t serving you. It’s actually holding you up by keeping you in fear. My strategy is notice it, name it and knock it out. See some of prior work on this topic for more details.

5 - Get clear on what your values are. Knowing your values can offer insight into the where you should focus your energies. It will show you your boundaries. Start making lists of your values and be honest about if you’re aligned with them today.

6 - Find creative ways to figure out what’s next for you. Start asking questions. Ask the people who know you best, what do they see in you? Have your astrological natal chart done, it can give insight into purpose and path. What was important to you when you were young? What ideas have been on your mind over the years?

7 - Be brave and start taking baby steps. Start taking action towards your future. It sounds scary but start with baby steps. Taking action relieves the pressure of being stuck.

8 - Hire professional help. I realized I needed professional help so I hired a career coach to help me get unstuck. Start thinking about what professional help you can resource to help you move forward.

Hang in there, I know 'stuckness' sucks. It’s hard to know what to do or where to go.

I also know that you can free yourself and regain your confidence and forward momentum.

You can and will live an empowered and authentic life. I believe in you.

Be Well,