A Few Things I’ve Learned About the Process of Spiritual Awakening

Lately I’ve been researching spiritual awakenings. It’s a topic that’s been on my mind for several months since I started to suspect that I was experiencing an awakening.

I’ve learned many things that have helped and supported me and my awakening process. And today I’m sharing them with you in hopes that you too will find your way through your spiritual awakening.


We don’t always know when we’re having a spiritual awakening.

As people, we change and grow and develop ourselves. The early stages of an awakening can feel like personal growth not like some big life changing event. We may be changing and seeing things differently and not know why. Sometimes, awakenings are started by a big life event, but sometimes they are naturally occurring. We don’t know when they will happen, they just do. Our soul chooses the timing, we don’t.


There are stages.

Yes, there are stages that have been documented.  Christina Lopes DPT, MPH has documented six stages of spiritual awakening. By using her stages, (see her YouTube video titled, The 6 Life-Changing Stages of Spiritual Awakening [Which One ARE YOU in?]), we can see get clear on what stage we are in and what is happening to us. We can also learn ways to make the awakening easier on ourselves. Techniques and reminders for us to relax into it and let it happen. We can learn that what’s happening to us is a normal process. We are okay and we will be okay.


There are people who can help us.

It’s true! There are people who specialize in awakenings and spiritual coaches that can help us process what’s going on and guide us through it. We don’t have to go through it alone.


We are not alone.

Both astrologers and spiritual coaches are saying that there are many people going through their spiritual awakenings now because of all the suffering occurring now in the world. There are mass awakenings happening now. We are not alone.


My experience

I didn’t know that I was experiencing a spiritual awakening. The way I was raised believing that these types of spiritual things were weird, different and to be ridiculed. I held that view myself for much of my life. I didn’t have people around me that I felt comfortable talking to. The result was that my awakening was lonely and scary. It was only when I realized that I may be experiencing an awakening that I started doing the research to find answers and support.

My awakening started a full year, or more, before I recognized it as an awakening. I was living a very unconscious life and had no one around me that believed in spirituality. It’s been a big learning curve for me. Luckily, I’m curious and have done the work and research to learn it for myself.

My goal now is to support others going through an awakening or ascension. That’s why I created my 1:1 coaching offerings, Inner Alignment and Flow and Inner Shadow Work, to help with the awakening process or for inner work outside of an awakening.

You don’t have to be alone. There are people who have already experienced awakenings that can help you with yours. Reach out and connect if that serves you at this time.

Love you,

Be well,