66 Reasons to Work With a Spiritual Consultant

The image says 66 Reasons to Work with a Spiritual Consultant

1.      For help interpreting signs and synchronicities that we are seeing.

2.      When we first meet our guides, they are voices in our heads, and it can be a little alarming.

3.      The energy of change can be overwhelming.

4.      Because we have energy work to do and to receive.

5.      The spiritual path can sometimes be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be.

6.      Because sometimes the system must be torn down to be rebuilt.

7.      To better understand the phase of awakening we are currently experiencing.

8.      Sometimes our awakening path begins with something completely unrelated to spirituality.

9.      Because no one else in our lives understands what we are going through.

10.   Because interesting, and sometimes inexplicable, things can happen for us while we are on our spiritual path.

11.   Because sometimes we can feel stuck in an energy or situation, and a fresh perspective or energy work can help us move forward again.

12.   Sometimes our inner work can be helped by having a outside perspective.

13.   Because we can’t be hermits for our entire awakening journey or spiritual path.

14.   Our guides tasked us with finding someone to help us through our current challenge.

15.   It helps to talk with someone who has been through it before.

16.   No one knows it as well as someone who has already been through it.

17.   Someone’s experiential wisdom can help us through our own challenges.

18.   Spiritual practices can become stale, and another perspective can help us explore new practices.

19.   A tarot reading can help us understand the energies we are currently navigating.

20.   While awakening, we can leave behind our support system that no longer serves us.

21.   Dark nights of the soul suck.

22.   Because sometimes we don’t realize we are experiencing a dark night of the soul.

23.   Understanding dark nights of the soul can helps us reap the rewards of them.

24.   Energy healing, who doesn’t need it?

25.   Energy healing can help us body, mind, and soul.

26.   Releasing energy is helpful to move past the old junk energy we no longer need to carry.

27.   Knowing our energy and how to work with it, helps us move forward faster and on purpose.

28.   Sometimes talking about it helps us realize solutions to our challenges.

29.   It’s a relief to have a safe, non-judgmental space to talk about our spiritual paths.

30.   Everyone’s path is unique and also similar.

31.   Because it’s better than repressing our spiritual energy.

32.   Sometimes we just need to talk with someone that understands.

33.   We may have lost touch with our friends, that wouldn’t understand anyway.

34.   Because meditation in amazing and it sometimes isn’t enough to move us forward.

35.   Doing shadow work may bring up things we want to talk through to help us process them.

36.   Doing the work is sometimes better with a helper.

37.   Tarot readings can answer questions that we may have.

38.   Psychic readings can help us connect with our guides, ancestors, and universal energies.

39.   Because we can’t always find the book that give us the answers to our questions.

40.   Because sometimes our guides ask us to connect with a spiritual consultant as part of our path.

41.   Because sometimes our guides ask to do things we don’t understand.

42.   Because sometimes “how” is a better question than “why”.

43.   Because rejection is protection and redirection even if we can’t see it yet.

44.   Why not?

45.   We deserve it.

46.   Because we are supposed to move forward and grow in our lives.

47.   Because parts of our spiritual paths can feel confusing.

48.   Because spiritual awakening can cause many emotions that point to where we still have work to do.

49.   Because our friend did, and it helped them.

50.   Because you can’t ask YouTube videos a question.

51.   Because we have many questions on our spiritual path and answers help move us forward.

52.   Because faith and trust can be hard to come by for some of us.

53.   Because faith and trust are an important part of spiritual life.

54.   Some parts of our path our meant to be walked alone, other parts are meant to be walked with a spiritual leader.

55.   To help us shift perspectives.

56.   To know that we are not alone.

57.   Because psychic readings can connect us to our spirit guides.

58.   Because psychic readings can sometimes also be medium readings.

59.   To ask a question about the angel numbers we keep seeing.

60.   To move closer to our soul mission.

61.   Because they are already serving their mission and can help you with your mission.

62.   Because they are guided by their spiritual guides and can help you with your guides.

63.   Because it’s more fun to work with people than alone.

64.   Because we need human connection.

65.   Because our guides love us more than life itself and want us to have human and spiritual connections.

66.   Because angel number 66 is a message to trust that our spirit team is supporting us.

If any or all of these reasons resonate with you, let’s work together on your spiritual journey.

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