5 Ways to Develop a More Positive Mindset

5 Ways to Develop a More Positive Mindset

Mindset is our accumulated beliefs and thoughts about a certain subject. Another way to say it is, your mindset is how you approach life, family, career, money, etc.

You can change mindset, just like you can learn something new and change what you believe.

Let’s look at a few ways you can develop a more positive mindset to life.


Develop a Gratitude Practice

It’s almost impossible to be anything other than positive when expressing gratitude. By starting a gratitude practice, you strengthen your ability to remain in a positive mindset as you move through your day.

To start a gratitude practice, you can write in a gratitude journal. Each day remember three things your grateful for. While at the dinner table have everyone in your family talk about what they are grateful for today. When faced with a challenging situation, find one thing you can be grateful for about it.

There are as many ways to practice gratitude, find what works for you.  


Limit Negative Self-Talk

Quiet that inner critic and negative noise it’s blocking your positive mindset. Notice the inner critic, name it and the knock it out. Tell it to shut up, tell it why it’s wrong or completely ignore it. You don’t need the negativity. It’s not serving you.  

Quieting the negative inner noise will help you maintain your positive mindset.  


Create an Inner Ally to Support a Positive Inner Dialogue

You can create a positive inner dialogue by creating an ally that supports the positivity. An ally that will remind you to quiet the negative noise or practice gratitude. Your inner ally can support you in anyway that feels good and right to you.

Some examples of positive inner allies are a guru, cheerleader, peacemaker, nurturer or any other way to support your positive mindset.   

You’re in control of what your inners say to you and the vibe that they create within you.


Limit Time Spent with Negative People

All of us probably have at least one, or maybe a few negative people around us. Sometimes they are in the office and sometimes they are at home.

When the “Negative Nancy” at the office is spreading their negativity, walk away. Be polite but don’t encourage their negativity.  Protect your mindset by walking away or ignoring their low vibe.

At home, it’s just as important to protect your positive mindset. It’s okay to say, “I’m feeling your negative energy so I’m walking away.” And then, walk away.

And, if possible, let the negative people go. It’s okay to not allow negative people into your life.


Cleanse Your Social Media Feeds of Negativity and Add Positivity

Remove accounts that use negative talk,  aren’t necessary or aren’t bringing in the positivity. Add accounts that support your positive mindset. There are a billion accounts (at least right?), choose wisely. 

Find a balance between being informed and being emotionally supported. If it triggers you, unfollow. If it makes you smile, follow!

Because mindset it a collection of beliefs and thoughts, it can be learned, changed and grown. But don’t leave it to chance. Be intentional about the mindset that you’re creating.

Be intentional about how you’re approaching your world.

Be well,