Spiritual Consulting Services


My mission is to bring more healing into the world. It is with this mission in mind that I approach our consultations. 

In our work together, I will bring my experiential wisdom, compassion for your journey, honesty, and all of my spiritual gifts to benefit your healing. Which means, I may ask questions and will always provide direct answers while allowing you to find your own way to the healing you desire. 

I provide a safe, non-judgmental energy for us to connect and work with. 

Because of my own experience with breast cancer, I have pro-bono sessions available for breast cancer patients and survivors.

Energy Healing is safe and is channeled through me from spirit to you. It does not hurt either of us. It is pure healing energy. You may or may not feel the energy, but you will still receive the healing that you are asking for or are energetically aligned with at the time. 

Tarot Reading, come with your question and we will use tarot cards, oracle cards, scrying, and our spirit guides to provide answers.

Psychic Reading, come with your question and I will connect with my spirit guides, and if possible, your guides, to help you. 

Our session will be online via Zoom, preferably with cameras on so I am better able to read your energy, which allows me to provide a better service. 

Scroll further for packages and pricing. Remember, you are paying for my energy, the times are approximate.

15 Minute Q&A Session


Great for:

A yes/no/maybe tarot question.

Writers and journalists doing research.


1 Hour Reading or Healing Session


Choose One:

Energy Healing

Tarot Reading

Psychic Reading

The image is of me, eyes closed and hands open to provide healing energy.

2 Hour Inspired Healing Session


Choose Two:

Energy Healing

Tarot Reading

Psychic Reading

A picture of me with tarot cards in consultation at my kitchen table. One of my favorite places to work.


left facing profile pic

Ready to work with together?

Email: nikkideforestconsulting@gmail.com 

In your email, please include the following:  

  • Level of service you are requesting; 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours
  • The services you would like to receive; energy healing, tarot reading and/or psychic reading
  • Feel free to include your challenges or question you'd like to work on during our session. 
  • Times and dates you are available. 
  • Note if you are a breast cancer patient and/or survivor for pro-bono sessions.

I will respond to your email as soon as I can within "normal" business hours. 

All sessions are via Zoom with cameras on for the most effective energy connection.

Invoicing and payments will be through PayPal and will accept all major cards. 

Our sessions are strictly confidential. What happens in our sessions, stays in our sessions.

Please bring your most open and receptive energy and always take responsibility for your own healing and wellbeing. 

I am grateful for your trust and am looking forward to working with you.

Be well,